Artist Statement

As a contemporary artist, my three dimensional work focuses on metal fabrication, iron and bronze casting with digital photography playing a critical role in both my creative process, installation and mixed media work. Using a narrative approach, my work integrates social and cultural constructs to reveal layers of familiarities. I enjoy documenting disappearing aspects of life while expanding ideas and concepts to include larger topics relating to changing cultural and gender shifts. A portion of my work focuses on women and women’s roles with in those changes. I am currently engaged in deciphering my work conceptually within a post-feminist approach. The west, the landscape and my agricultural roots also serve to provide my work a place within the contemporary western genre. Working from both a historic and contemporary viewpoint my layered approach often combines nostalgia with humor and playfulness. Engaging viewers and connecting the community through my narratives continues to be a driving force behind my work.

My husband supports my creative process with fabrication assistance. Working as team, our projects utilize his skills as a civil engineer for a seamless integration of structure and durability concerns in the concepts behind my work. This team approach allows us the opportunity to pursue public and large scale private work through a cost effective approach to: fabrication, installation, material choices and in house scale conversions as part of the creative process.