Recent Highlights

Solid Gone, Sordoni Gallery, Wilkes Barre, PA, 2018

Verisimilitude, Republic Plaza – art in public places – Mezzanine, Denver, CO, 2018

Solo Exhibition: Enchanted, Pirate Contemporary Art, Denver, CO, 2018 *reviewed

Art Expo, New York, New York, 2018

Social Engagement Public Art Project, Volcano Art Center, 2017-2018 *press received

Art Basel, World Wide Art Representation, Spectrum, Miami, FL 2017

25 Women Artists -We Are Here, Core Gallery, Denver, CO, 2018

Art and Conflict, Juried, Arvada Center, Arvada, Colorado, 2017 - *mentioned in review

Arm Chair Traveler, Republic Plaza Main – art in public places – Main Exhibition Area, Denver, CO, 2017

Solo Exhibition: A New Look At The American West, Pirate Contemporary Art, Denver, CO, 2017 *press received

Grass Roots, Juried Exhibition, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2017

Presence/Absence, Juried Exhibition, Lakewood Cultural Center, Lakewood, CO, 2017

Cultivation, Republic Plaza – art in public places – Mezzanine, Denver, CO, 2017

Colorado State Capitol Exhibition: The Field, Colorado State Capitol, 2016-2017

Artopia 45’ Site Specific Sculptural Installation, City Hall, Denver, CO, 2016 *press received

Levitt Pavilion Public Art Project, Finalist, Denver, CO, 2016

Public Art, 4 Story Active Staircase Project, Lamar Station Crossing, Lakewood, CO, 2016 *press received

Speaker, Art In The Everyday, Art Educators Conference, University of Northern Colorado, 2015

Curator, Not So Fragile, Colorado Women’s College, University of Denver, Denver, CO, 2015

Guest Artist: Mold Making and Mixed Media Sculpture, Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, 2014